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The whites part two 6/27

After finishing our work for stay at galehead hut by sweeping and folding blankets, WD and I climbed immediately up and over north and south twin mountains. We didn’t know it when we woke up, but this was going to … Continue reading

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Did the suspense kill you? No. We didn’t see anyone live up to the summer solstice celebration tradition. Bummer. Made it to Hanover! 12 states done, 2 to go. Hiked ten miles in then hung out in town all day. … Continue reading

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Livin it up in VT

I’m not even sure what happened yesterday. The planned 20 mile day turned into a 12 mile day. That’s the beauty of being out here.. doesn’t matter. On the way to Killington we walked through a campsite where Larry boy … Continue reading

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Woman vs. Porcupine

After a warm breakfast cooked by agent d and a talent show by sally, his daughter, nomad and friend jason took witch doctor and I back to a soggy trail. We had to say goodbyes that might really be goodbye. … Continue reading

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Agent D

Not our average day…  even better! Woke up at 5 and was hiking by 6. Rocked out 16 miles by 1pm to get picked up by Nomad. We were booking it knowing we had a comforting hug awaiting us. Lots … Continue reading

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Mary and Melvin

After a steep 11 mile climb down to VT 9, witch doctor and I were greeted by a smiling face and warm car. Lori, from VT, contacted a friend who offered to host a couple of smelly hikers for a … Continue reading

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Puppies and popsicles

Today goes down as one of my favorite days on trail. Still soggy, but I wasn’t actually being rained on. Today we hit Mt. Greylock. It’s not just an ordinary mountain. It marks the beginning of climbs again. Everything since … Continue reading

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Pulled twenty miles today. First we hiked 12 into Dalton and got lunch at Jacobs- good pub food. Then walked the wettest 9 miles of my life into Cheshire. When I say we walked the whole way in ankle deep … Continue reading

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Midnight shenanigans

Witch doctor woke up when I went to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and realized he didn’t take his Lyme medication. He has to stay awake 30 minutes after taking it, so I kept him entertained … Continue reading

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Rainy day. Good night!

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