4/29 – mile 808

I can’t believe my family has come and gone. The countdown took so long and of course it went by too fast. We lounged a lot – which was exactly what I wanted. To sum things up we ate lots of food, did gear shopping, saw a movie, ate sushi, Mexican, and Italian, popcorn, homemade donuts, cookies, and cake, went swimming, napped… it was a fantastic visit.
They got to meet a lot of the crew and put faces with names. I already miss them, but the visit helped motivate my hike and I thing I got enough hugs in to get me to Maine.
The timing worked really perfectly in terms of getting back on trail. Dropped Alex off and tom happened to be within view still, so he’s with them. I am 10 miles back and as I was saying bye

Chris and Cassandra walked out of the woods. So, I have the other part off the group. Just have a tiny bit of catching up to do! Passed 800 miles today AND I’m currently camped with fresh ground for another round of pancakes and coffee. Life seems to line up too perfectly some times.
28 miles is my goal tomorrow. Going for my longest day yet. Wish me luck!

Lori gave ember and I the most delicious cake I think I’ve ever tasted. It was a thru hiker dream come true! Thanks Lori!




The crew meets Julia!


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