Not done yet!

I miss everyone already. While I felt ready to be done, I’m already jealous of my friends that are still hiking. Luckily my hiker trash days are not yet over. Because I finished a few days before laura will meet me in NYC I have some time to kill. WD and I parted this morning. We traveled together to Millinocket (hitched with a past thru-hiker out of Baxter park) and stayed for a night, then shuttled to Bangor Maine last night. We relaxed, ate good food, drank champagne, and soaked in a hot tub. Exactly what I needed. Yesterday we even got in a trip to the movie theater. It was nice to have no agenda and time on our hands. My bus left this morning at the same time as his flight to Florida. Yes, I cried. So I didn’t cry at katahdin but I couldn’t hold it together saying goodbye to someone I know I’ll see again soon and be in touch with for the rest of my life.
Fortunately I have a distraction. Found out nomad is in Boston so I get to spend the next two days there with him! One last hoorah with the vanimal! Laura won’t be in the big city until the 20th so I just have to find another bus in a couple days and I’ll be good to go. Breaks up the trip nicely and I get to know yet another place in the north east. Glad I get to spend my birthday with nomad. This is the best birthday week ever.
Katahdin. Jarryd. Nomad. Boston. Laura. NYC.
So much at once!
Thank you everyone for all the support. I don’t know where I would be with out y’all but it certainly wouldn’t be on top of katahdin.
I thought summiting would feel like the end, like the last chapter in the book. But it doesn’t. It feels like just the beginning of so much more.



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6 Responses to Not done yet!

  1. John H says:

    To Jarryd! Thanks for being such a good companion to EJ.

  2. Your book has me tearing every time I read it now. I would like to echo John’s sentiments. I hope to meet the Witch Doctor when he comes to visit! And EJ – I am working on a ice cream eating contest (?) perhaps as a fundraiser…Love, love, love, love to you birthday girl!

  3. mariah says:

    I love checking in here and you’re still writing! I’ll miss this when you stop. What a treat to spend your birthday with Nomad.

    We leave Sunday for our trip to ME to get Skylar. We’ll stop in NYC and Portland before Baxter on the 27th. Hard to believe this amazing journey is ending.

    Best to you and Happy Birthday!

  4. David f says:

    I’m tearing up also. I’m so happy for you! Great job EJ!!

  5. David f says:

    That was from Mary Ellen, not David! I’m sure he’s happy for you also, just not getting tears in his eyes!

  6. Etta Manfred says:

    EJ–So happy for you. Congratulations again & Happy Birthday! What a gift you gave
    yourself. Safe trip to A. Love, Gram E

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