Words can’t express.
5.2 miles of feeling raw. Not knowing how to feel. Not knowing if I would cry or jump for joy or scream.
We walked, and scrambled, the whole way with a sobo, philos, who was just starting his journey to GA. The ranger station provides little backpacks for us to slack pack up the mountain. My first slack pack. Feels great having only 5 lbs on your back. I thought I was going to take off and fly away. Philos was so excited and wanted to summit with us so he could ask questions and learn as much as he could. Smart guy and incredibly in shape. It was also a nice way for WD and i to reflect on our hike while making the final climb.
Katahdin is a serious mountain. Had to store the trekking poles and dive in hands first. Lots of climbing and shimmering through rock squeezes. Hands on and technical. Philos was a trouper to keep up with us. It’s a straight shot up then a long rocky ridge line to the top.
Then you see the sign. The sign! It’s just a sign, but it has meant so much. It means everything. All that I have worked for is represented in that sign. People were there, day hikers, sobos, tourists, but we just walked right over and laid our hands on that sign like we were the only ones there. A moment of glory that felt so tremendous.
We couldn’t stop smiling.
No crying, no screaming, just pure joy and smiling.


Morning of hand made four leaf clover


I’ve been carrying these socks for over a month. Only use: summiting katahdin.


Breakfast of champions.

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10 Responses to Katahdin

  1. You reached your goal – by your birthday! I guess Everest is next! Have a happy birthday tomorrow. Enjoy Maine – it’s beautiful – take a dip in the ocean!!! See you upon your journey home. Hugs ~ L

  2. jim says:

    hey ej, this is John Jimmy, I mean, Jimmy John. in f in credible. u r so awesome. can’t wait to see u at Christmas. have fun in ny, but b careful. also, very happy birthday. yeah, we got u something. think u will like it. love u, Jim and beryl

  3. john says:

    Words aren’t enough. You know how good it made me feel to see you on top of that sign. To see the joy in your smile, knowing what it meant to you…what a beautiful sight!

  4. Helen Foster says:

    Hooray! You are an amazing inspiration. Happiest of birthdays!

  5. Mariah says:


  6. Oh, Ej! I’m so proud of you and happy for you! YOU DID IT! what a wonderful birthday present. Sending you all my love!

  7. Hey Passover!

    Congrats! And right on schedule too.

    We have loved following your blogs since our meeting in VT.

    Best to the Dr.

    Fred and KAT

  8. Steve says:

    Karen and I are so happy for you, EJ. What a great job you have done !! You are such a strong person, and we are very, very proud of you ! We’ll see you at home !

  9. Patty Manfred says:

    You two are incredible.
    Revel in your feat.
    Happy Birthday !
    (Passover, you really ought to write a book.)

  10. Barbara Lewis says:

    WOW! And HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Never doubted you would do it, but the grit and persistence and drive you had were incredible! Thanks for sharing your experiences…good and bad…ups and downs (sorry for the bad pun!)…in your blog. Felt like I was there on the trail with your…vicariously, of course!
    I’ll bet Julia is bursting with pride in her “little sister!”
    Barbara Lewis
    Honesdale PA

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