Almost there

I feel so very lucky to have started with an amazing hiking partner who showed me everything I needed to know to complete this trail, and lucky to have found another good friend to finish with. Wish Alex were here with me right now, but he will soon finish his journey and I can’t wait to see him in NC.
Witch doctor has been totally in tune with me the past few weeks, and I’m glad we were on the same page for the end of this hike. We both wanted a finish push. A final hoorah. A big dose of wildness, adventure, and physical challenge before returning to the “real” world. The last three days on trail were.. exactly the way I wanted them. Exhilarating, difficult, and surreal.
There is the “100 mile wilderness” followed by 10 miles in Baxter state park, then 5.2 miles to the summit of katahdin. So we hiked 25, 25, 30, 30, then 5.2 on the 16th.
So we busted out the wilderness in 4 and got to camp at the base of the mountain which was important to me. It was incredible. The miles on the second half of the wilderness are very flat (in exchange for bugs) so we could crank out miles and have time for the fun stuff. I took many sunny spot naps and swam in many warm Maine lakes. And really, we were lucky to have virtually no mud, and our deet kept the mosquitoes at bay for the most part. I mean.. I have 100 ish bites, but I saw people with 500+.




We set up our tents at “the birches” and slept like rocks after those two long days. Even though we could sleep-in in the morning we both knew we would be to jittery with excitement for katahdin.

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