Random service

Keeping phone off to save battery for the big summit. But, turned it on for photo of swimming at the lake, and I have 1G! I’ll summit the 16th.



That my friends, is katahdin.


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5 Responses to Random service

  1. Julia says:

    Get it.

  2. Gramma E says:

    ej–Congratulations to you & WD. I think tomorrow you will be completing your goal–What
    an accomplishment! Pictures great-blog delightful. Stay safe & I know you’re proud,
    grateful & happy. Love, Gramma E

  3. john says:

    Happy Summit Day!!

  4. David f says:

    Yea EJ!!! You’re amazing!!

  5. patmom1 says:

    Can’t get you off my mind today, not that I’m trying very hard! Do AT hikers take a victory lap?

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