7/12 first day in the 100

Slept on trail, so scurried this morning to get up and move everything before anyone showed up. We hung out in monson for 5 or so hours but wanted to get out of town for the sake of having an early start in the morning. So camp was .5 into the wilderness. Had a really nice day. Don’t want to curse it, but it hasn’t been at all like what I was imagining it to be. Very little mud, not bad bugs yet, and I even napped by a river in the sun bug bite free. We got lucky. Dry and warm. I thought it was going to be a swampy mud hole. It might be next week, and I know it was last week. Thank you mother nature!
I know the last half of the 100 will be swampier but I feel lucky to hit good weather for the first half.
Watched a beautiful sunset from the top of a mountain (if you can call it that) and set up camp a little before chair back gap lean to. On trail again.. it is actually more LNT to camp on trail than make your own site, and there was no camping at the shelter.
Mile 2097.4.
88.5 left.





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5 Responses to 7/12 first day in the 100

  1. Breathtaking! You and the sunset. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    So cool!!

  3. Julia says:


  4. I have spent more time in NH than Maine – the view of the lake reminds me of NH. I have some folks staying at my house this week. There is a 13 year old whose ambition it is to hike the AT. When she gets to the house – I will introduce her to you. She lives in AVL and I am sure she would be starstruck to meet you. Hugs to you and the Witchdoctor!!!

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