100 miles of … WILDERNESS!! 7/11


Don’t worry. We have 5 days of food.
And sobos are still nice and fleshy.

I might have service, I might not, but I’ll keep you posted as I can!
Sub 115. Over’n’out.

Oh one more story. I was avoiding it, but I have to tell it. I’m a horrible story teller so bare with me.
Witch doctor and I are walking, right? Up a mountain. Go figure. And we’re just trucking a long, I’m minding my own business… when.. BAM! WD stops walking and I walk right into him. But it gets better. In his side pocket he carries a bottle. Now, for those who don’t know I have a history of cutting my forehead. It is pretty big, so it makes sense. But this wasn’t just an ordinary bottle. It was his pee bottle. So there it is. I told the blog the story. I cut my forehead on a pee bottle. I hope my grand children get to hear that story some day.

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3 Responses to 100 miles of … WILDERNESS!! 7/11

  1. Jeanette says:

    Best wishes for a wonderful end to this fabulous adventure. You are amazing!
    Much love! Jeanette and Cliff
    Happy Birthday this week!!!!

  2. John H says:

    Just wait til Robin Baker hears about this one. Hope to hear from you soon, love. We’re with you every step!

  3. Helen Foster says:

    You are too funny! Safe travels! Enjoy your birthday week. Much love.

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