Whites part 3

Left off after a long day in the whites at mizpah hut.
Weather report calling for storms in the afternoon and high wind all day. I personally didn’t realize what the high wind advisory really meant. Figured we weren’t going to climb Washington even with a chance of lightening, but the wind I was surprised by. Obviously the wind is serious there, but I guess you don’t know the true power of wind until you’re in the middle of it.
Witch doctor and I made it 4.8 to lake of the clouds, shortly followed by big brother and little brother who we met at mizpah. (They started Feb 1.. been seeing their names in logs for a while).
50 mile per hour sustained winds was no joke. It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. You can’t hear a thing so we were screaming at the top of our lungs and one wrong step that lacks concentration and purpose means you’re getting blown over. It took so much focus to walk less than 5 miles! I would be playing the game of laying into the wind to stand up straight, and the wind would break for less than a second and I would instantly fall. I was happy to hear the croo (yes that’s how they spell it) tell us they were making us do a work for stay and they wouldn’t let us climb the 1.3 to the summit. So we stayed, cleaned fridges, chatted with hut occupants, and had way to much fun. The brothers are a handful. Big bro… who is indeed the big brother, has a large personality. He also started the trail around 310 lbs and has now lost over 80 lbs. Inspiring! He got some whiskey from a guy in the crew, and decided he wanted some ice for it. There is a hiker dungeon that is for emergencies with 6 bunks… and a giant block of ice currently occupying it. We are talking the entire floor has a solid 2 feet of ice on it. So big bro finds a hammer, walks around the building to the dungeon, and chips away some ice for his whiskey drink. He’s definitely the class clown. Loved hanging out with those two. Just how my sister and I feed off each other, their humor fed off each other.

I promise

, I’ll finish the whites soon!



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