2000 miles.


Big climb out of town, as usual. Lew-ellyn from the B&B drove us back to trail after a nice breakfast, second breakfast at the diner, the post office, and her pies were done in the oven. She is a writer, ski instructor, B&B owner, and pie baker. She had 55 pies last week and she is trying to pump out 16 just today. Uses only the freshest ingredients from, of course, her giant garden in the back. She sent us to trail with a zucchini chocolate chip bread. Pretty cool lady who has crafted an interesting, entertaining, and busy life. I don’t think she gets bored.

Sent home all clothes but what is on my back, my stove and pot, my knife, and my camelbak. Things I can live without, and things I can’t take on a plane with me. Also, I mentioned a sore throat the other day.. found mold in my drinking hose. Hoping that sending this home will be my solution. I’m tired of feeling sickish!

Saw the worlds neatest cloud formation. Is it getting old when I say this? Maine has excellent views!!!!





What time is it? Katadhin time! Checking my watch is a habit I only break when I don’t wear my watch. But this is more fun. Makes me smile every time I time check.


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6 Responses to 2000

  1. Hello Ms. Passover, As I have mentioned, I love reading your blog, it is like a good book, that is now coming to an end. And somehow, I can feel the exhilaration and pause, it’s going to be over. What an accomplishment. What a great journey. What wonderful experiences to share and Lew-ellyn’s pies – I want one!!!

    Hugs of joy,


  2. John H says:

    You’re funny. No, really.

  3. Helen says:

    2000 !!!!!!! Hooray!!

  4. patmom1 says:

    Pampered truckin’. Best of all worlds!
    Heather heads to camping in Maine on Thursday. Told her there is a great hiking trail through there but I think she is going to pass.
    Do i add the choc chips to my pineapple zucchini bread or skip the pineapple?
    Hoping for lots more trail magic for a magic end to your wonderful journey. Loving you.

  5. jim says:

    as the religious signs say. the end is near. u r something else , love u, jim and beryl.

  6. David f says:

    At the base of katadin 2 years ago. Saw a hiker your age coming down the AT from the summit. I did a double take because it appeared his feet were not to
    Touching the ground!!!!! Mary ellen, chris and I chatted with him. He had just completed his thru hike. It was an awesome experience for all of us. Hope yours is too.

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