Stratton maine

Not much but hiking happened today. The main bit of excitement actually happened at the end of the day, and excitement is the wrong word. It was more frustration and disgust. Someone did a pack dump. Normally we simply can’t do anything about it. Had it been the 100 mile wilderness we would have just kept walking. However, we were 4 miles from town and it was all downhill. So, because of someone’s stupidity we each carried an extra 10 lbs on our backs rather than the earned and well deserved light pack walk into town with empty food bags. And my knees were not happy about. Olive oil. Molasses. Salt and pepper shaker. Snuff. Jeans. Other pants. Boxers. Long sleeve. Advil. Food bags. Giant tarp. Small tarp. Rope. Arg.

Hiked a little over 20 into the cute town of Stratton. Not much happening here but we got lucky and ran into the right lady. Hotels motels and hostels were all 5 miles up the road in town from the trail. Got a hitch with a beautiful woman who happened to own a B&B right in town and it was remarkably well priced. 10 more bucks than the hostel. Oh yes.

Maine continues to be breathtaking. Muddy, but every uphill leads to a fantastic view. Makes it worth our time every time.





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One Response to Stratton maine

  1. John H says:

    Too bad you couldn’t find a name amidst the garbage so you could return it to him.

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