The whites part one 6/25 and 6/26

“One giant game of don’t die”

Hello friends! Don’t worry, no one died, but this quote did become kind of a joke on trail. It often seemed as though the trail through the whites was out to kill us. But boy was it fun!

I’m going to hit the highlights day by day, but the truth is that words can barely describe the beauty of a place like this. We had our good weather, and our bad. We had ups, and we had downs. I found that I couldn’t take photos that came close to capturing the grandness of those mountains and I don’t think anyone can. Plus, the wind was so wild that many of my photos have my fingers in them because I was holding on for dear life.

6/25 mile 1804 to 1815.5
Left off at Eliza brook shelter (which is photographed in the last post). For those who don’t know, my name is Elisa, named after Eliza Moon, so this shelter was significant to me!
-big blue sky over kinsman mountain
-rock thrown on top (photo on previous post)
-lonesome lake hut for lunch, first of the white mtn AMC huts. They cost 100+ a night for stays, so hikers typically can’t afford to stay at them. Bought coffee, filled up water, and pushed on
-resupply in Lincoln NH for the rest of the whites. Hitched to town in a pick up, caught a ride out with a dad and son
-witch doctor got a minor cut on his leg when a propain tank fell out of the car
-huge storm coming, but we missed the worst of it while in town, so we booked it to liberty campsite in the rain
-hung out late with the caretaker since we were the only campers. He has a nice big tent, and he was our age, first official night in the whites started out right


Cola in a bathroom hiding from a storm


6/26 1815.5 to 1825.8
Franconia ridge was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We climbed to the top and had excellent views at the beginning, but became engulfed in a cloud within an hour. We got there just in time! This was only the beginning of us learning how fast the weather can change in the whites. We walked the ridge down to galehead hut, which is an interestingly steep trail. You get to a waterfall, look across for the white blaze, and realize that you do not cross it. You go DOWN it. So, we scrambled down a running waterfall, and we welcomed by a work for stay at the hut. In trade for doing the dishes, we got dinner, breakfast, and a spot to lay out mats in the dinning room. We were worried about this procedure, unsure if we would be competing for stays with south bounders. Luckily, it seems as though we are ahead of the nobo and sobo bubbles. So, work for stays were easy to obtain. Huts usually take in 2 to 4 a night.
But, I simply couldn’t stop thinking about Franconia ridge. It’s a place I’ll be back to visit.







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3 Responses to The whites part one 6/25 and 6/26

  1. John says:

    I had noticed the Eliza Brook shelter on the map and was hoping you’d enjoy the connection…glad it means something to you. Would have been a good spot for the shoe photo, too. That last picture is breathtaking; must be extraordinary in person!

  2. EJ, it’s so beautiful!! Love you, miss you. ❤

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    This is our first summer not going to the Whites. We spent July 4th 2002 on top of Mnt. Washington. It was the hottest day on record on the 3rd. I think about 77 at the top of the mountain. The next day a front came through and it was 40 with 40-60 mph winds and started to rain about a hour into the hike. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia in July! So happy you are safe and having fun!

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