Did the suspense kill you? No. We didn’t see anyone live up to the summer solstice celebration tradition. Bummer.

Made it to Hanover! 12 states done, 2 to go. Hiked ten miles in then hung out in town all day. Dartmouth is a fun area, and rather pricy. So we loitered in the main quad most of the day, and ate two fine meals. Burritos followed by BBQ. Met the outdoor club kids and got several invites for places to stay. Witch doctor and I resisted and hiked the mile out of town. We just barely escaped the black hole of a town and made it safely back to the woods. Got food right as the grocery was closing and missed the free shower time. Guess its going to be a while before I smell pretty again.


There was a couch for us to eat at, and a porter on tap. Wonderful.




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One Response to Dartmouth

  1. Julia says:

    I think you’re much more likely to see a moose in NH or Maine. It’s so beautiful out there too. I’m inspired to go for a hike!

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