Livin it up in VT

I’m not even sure what happened yesterday. The planned 20 mile day turned into a 12 mile day. That’s the beauty of being out here.. doesn’t matter. On the way to Killington we walked through a campsite where Larry boy had apparently been hanging out all morning. He met a traveling “family in a can” rv that fed him. as he was leaving we saw him, had a lovely hiker family reunion, and became easily persuaded to hang out when offered coffee and cinnamon rolls. Always take food from strangers. The other golden rule. Larry boy also stayed and killed 4 hours with them when it was all said and done. Great people. Mom and her son just traveling the east coast. They had all sorts of goodies for us, took our trash, let us use their bathroom, and insisted we relax in their comfy reclining lawn chairs. We were living it up at that campsite. Killington could wait. And it did. We wasted a lot of time on nothing when we got to town. We relaxed outside the outfitter, and took way too much time eating at the deli and resupplying. Highlight in town was getting my package from home with my 20 degree sleeping bag and a giant batch of mama’s homemade cookies. They are all gone now. I ate, and ate, and ate those cookies. A little taste of home goes a long way.

The shelter was being used by a bunch of boys so I set up camp in back. Crept out before anyone woke up around 6:30 and began what was suppose to be a 30 mile day.

Made it 27 miles to the town of west Hartford. There was a shelter three miles up the road, but in town was a store (with soda and a famous breakfast) and next door is the “sign man”. He hiked the PCT 30 some years ago and let’s hikers camp in his lawn. He has a nice sign made out front with the AT symbol, a tent, and water, pointing to the backyard. Couldn’t resist. After chatting with him and taking a sponge bath in the waterfall, I slept like a baby.

Currently drinking Vermont coffee at the breakfast joint while Jarryd downs a two plate meal called the “full belly breakfast” he offered me a bite of pancake but then ate everything so fast that I missed my chance.

Today, summer solstice, is the official hike naked day on trail. Plus, we were informed by an almost naked hiker yesterday that it is totally legal in Vermont to be naked.
I’ll keep you posted 😉





Goat cheese and goldfish. Brilliant.



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2 Responses to Livin it up in VT

  1. Lovely – yes naked is okay in VT – as long as one is not being lewd! I remember about 6 – 10 years ago, going to Gallery Walk in Brattleboro, where a 50+ year old man (not a local) must have read about the naked swimming hole/harmony lot controversy (another story) anyhow, he was walking around in all the galleries with nothing but a fanny pack…

  2. J. Deering says:

    Hey! Thanks for the blog! Love!

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