Woman vs. Porcupine

After a warm breakfast cooked by agent d and a talent show by sally, his daughter, nomad and friend jason took witch doctor and I back to a soggy trail. We had to say goodbyes that might really be goodbye. Afraid we might actually not see nomad again… on trail! Road trip Austin Texas 2014? Anyone?! I know Cassandra will be on board!
I simply can’t get over how magical the pine forests in Vermont are. Just picture fairies dancing in a forest, frolicking in a mountain stream.. this is that scene.
We are officially under 500 miles. Huge mental step. Passed a lot of trail maintenance (damage from Irene), saw the sun set from a peak, and last but not least we battled a porcupine.
Arrived to an “empty” shelter right at dark to find a giant porcupine occupying the back corner. During the panic it scurried up a wood post to the ceiling. I had no idea how well porcupines could climb. All efforts to get it down resulted in the porcupine climbing higher. There was no hope. Had to walk out on the dark to get water and set up tent. Porcupine won the battle and as I type I can hear it chewing on the shelter. It’s rather noisy… they are a huge nuisance out here. Porcupines are naturally sodium deficient so they love to chew anywhere salty sweaty hikers sit, and steal your shoes to nibble on.
Exhausted, pulled 24 despite the late start. Not sure how well I’ll sleep knowing there is a sharp animal running around. But, everyone should take a minute and look up baby porcupines on the Google machine. It’s worth it.




Moose and human!
Every night I fall asleep without seeing a moose makes me very sad.

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8 Responses to Woman vs. Porcupine

  1. John says:

    You’re pretty sharp, EJ…good point about how to avoid a sticky situation.

  2. patmom1 says:

    I promise to do everything I can to increase the moose population around Beaverdam Road. A new personal goal!
    Love you and your happiness. Hope it includes some chocolate chips along the way.

  3. jim says:

    well, 500 miles is only about 20 marathons. piece of cake. did the word, cake, make u hungry. uncle jim

  4. david flaherty says:

    hey EJ, getting closer to new hampshire and maine!! yea!! that is my neck of the woods. hope you see a moose. david

  5. Porcupines!!? MEESE!?

    If you do see a moose, I hope you get to snap a picture!

  6. Julia Horrocks says:

    I hope you run into a moose. Without actually running into it. Also, I admit to Googling baby porcupines. The one with the hiccups eating a banana is amazing.

  7. Gramma E says:

    Passover, Been wanting to write for weeks–Patty tried to help me yesterday and I might have
    ruined someone’s message–Hope this gets to you. Your pictures are fantastic–some hardly
    believable. Can’t imagine the climbing. You’ll have beautiful summer legs. Think of you often.
    Your diet is ugh but your blog is terrific. Stay Safe–You’re doing a fine job.

  8. mary Ellen says:

    I’ve never have gotten to see a moose either! I’m scared if I keep wishing I’ll hit one with my car. I hope you get to see one from a safe distance! There are a lot of them around katadin!

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