Agent D

Not our average day…  even better!
Woke up at 5 and was hiking by 6. Rocked out 16 miles by 1pm to get picked up by Nomad. We were booking it knowing we had a comforting hug awaiting us. Lots of memorable spots on our hike. Vermont loves Karens. There were karens all over the place, and huge areas of trail devoted to them. A Karen museum if you will. We hiked down to the white cliffs, which were well worth the hike. Beautiful views and waterfalls all day worthy of inspiration posters.
Nomad rescued us just in time from the midday rain and hail storm. We hung out at a coffee shop in a quiet off season ski resort town. Spent several hours chatting and eating. Near by was a friend of Nomad from the early days on trail, so we thought we would pay him a visit. Nomad had his address, so after eating ice cream at a farmers market, we simply drove to his house despite not getting a hold of him.
Turns out I knew him as well! Agent D was on trail with ember and I before I had to get off for 6 days in march. We recognized each other and slowly pieced together our experience with each other. March feels like forever ago, but it all came back like it was yesterday. Agent D and his family offered us a place to sleep, food, laundry, and group trail story time. Agent d was on for three weeks and helped us recall the bitter cold days that marked our unusually cold winter.
It was a wonderful reunion, and I’m happy to say I have yet another friend in the north east. It is a comfort to have his number.
Clean clothes, twice in one week! I’m all about clean socks with all this mud 🙂










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6 Responses to Agent D

  1. Yay! Love seeing the spots on the map that I used to call home. Glad you had a chance to catch up with an “old” friend…

  2. John says:

    Above average days are a good thing…keep ’em coming. Glad you’ve got Nomad trailing you, too.

  3. Julia says:

    Man, I miss Vermont. An amazing place that attracts good people. I can’t believe how far you’ve walked. Love that pic of you at the overlook. xo

  4. Hi EJ,
    Fred and KAT here. We loved meeting you at Stratton shelter. Sounds like the trip is getting better and better for you. Give our regards to Bright side, Larry Boy and esp. the Witch Doctor!

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    Vermont is so Beautiful! Was the cute kitten playing with your hair?

  6. Yay for clean socks and beautiful smiles! 😀

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