Mary and Melvin

After a steep 11 mile climb down to VT 9, witch doctor and I were greeted by a smiling face and warm car. Lori, from VT, contacted a friend who offered to host a couple of smelly hikers for a night. Where to begin… their company, house, and cooking could not have come at a better time. They swept us up during a torrential rain pour and didn’t return us to the trail until our clothes, packs, tents, and shoes were dry, our bellies were full of burritos, cornbread, veggies from the garden, and ice cream, and we got our full share of napping on the couch in front of wood stove. I don’t think either of us moved an inch from their couch for a good two hours after getting there. Mary and Melvin knew exactly what we needed and sent us out the door back in high spirits once the storm had cleared and the sky was blue. Plus, they had two amazing dogs, Phil and Melvin (yes, the dog is also Melvin).

Thank you for everything.

Currently at 1637.1 miles. stratton pond VT. 5 ish miles short of the 75% mark!!! Vermont is just lovely now that the weather has cleared up. Barrington was like a mini Asheville. Great town full of fun people. Our hike today had two towers and we could see greylock in Massachusetts all the way to New Hampshire.

Melvin gave me whittling projects for the trail, so now I’ve got some crafting to keep me busy!


Witch doc, bright side, me, Larry boy







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4 Responses to Mary and Melvin

  1. Stephen and Dianne Reed says:

    We really enjoy your posts. Wishing you clear skies and dry trails.

  2. Mary says:

    The two shining beings that visited us in Guilford, VT have given us hope for the future of humanity. Keep on truckin’. Melvin & Mary

  3. Jeanette says:

    I love reading your blog..I have read everything! Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with Cliff and me. Enjoyed Father’s Day with your parents. They were great to include another parent with kids on the move. Love ya!

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