Puppies and popsicles

Today goes down as one of my favorite days on trail. Still soggy, but I wasn’t actually being rained on. Today we hit Mt. Greylock. It’s not just an ordinary mountain. It marks the beginning of climbs again. Everything since Harper’s ferry has been a sort of blur. I was too far from the beginning to be super excited about the ins and outs of backpacking, and too far from katahdin to feel close to the end. We have been hiking difficult hikes, but we have been in the “low lands”. I personally thrive on the big climbs. I like climbing for hours. It energizes me and I feel.. productive, for lack of a better word. I enjoyed many parts of this section of trail, but for me it has all been a build up to Vermont, which is really a build up to the white mountains in New Hampshire. Climbing Mt. Greylock and entering into VT was like starting my journey all over. I’m excited again. I’ve seen a lot of new england, gone through cool towns, met a lot of wonderful people, but now I’m back to the mountains. I’m ready for my legs to burn as I hike 6 miles to a peak. (I might retract this statement later!)

Mt. Greylock was magical. Let me set the scene.
The weather was eerie. Dark grey clouds were closing in and enveloping the mountain, pushed by wild and howling wind gusts. It wasn’t raining, but the ground was wet, the trees were wet, I was wet, and the air was moist. I hiked alone with Jarryd somewhere nearby, so it felt like I had the mountain to myself. I could barely hear my own thoughts over the wind in the trees. The only other sounds were my shoes sloshing in the water and mud, and the tap of my trekking pole on rocks. All the trees, wood, and dirt were their darkest shade of brown from the water, and everything else was alive with vibrant with lime greens. Every shade of green appeared greener. That’s the best part about the rain, the plants never look more alive. The colors were just so beautiful contrasted with the dark clouds behind them. And, seeing as it was a pine tree forest, it smelled like Christmas the whole way up. While this describes hikes I’ve had before, something made this walk special. I was mentally 100% in tune with that forest, and I knew as I was walking that I would remember that particular moment forever. These moments on trail creep up on you when you least expect it. I have a handful of the really special hikes and moments that represent why it is that I’m out here. Thought I should share at least one with the blog. I’ll keep the rest for me.

After grabbing food at the top of greylock (there is a restaurant – if I had read my guide I would have known this, but the surprise was nice) we descended into a quaint little town. As we walked down the sidewalk someone offered us popsicles. We accepted and played with there adorable miniature dachshund PUPPY. I was a happy
girl. We ate popsicles as we crossed the line into Vermont.
Loving life.








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5 Responses to Puppies and popsicles

  1. EEEEP! Those are my absolutely favorite dogs. SO CUTE!! I call them mini weenies. ;D

    I love reading your descriptions of nature. You’ve got such a way with words, love. ❤

  2. John says:

    Thank you for painting such an exquisite picture, EJ…in your words and photos. And in that priceless smile!

  3. Kathleen Wall says:

    What an AWESOME adventure!! Priceless in so many ways! You are an exquisite writer – will continue to enjoy your journey through your eyes and imagination!!

  4. mariah says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this moment. WOW! I can feel it and almost hear the wind. Yay for days that lift us up.

  5. Julia says:

    Sounds so amazing, EJ. Must be difficult to be so far along but far from the end. When you’re done with this, you’ll probably have the confidence and self-discipline to get through anything at all that life hands you.

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