Pulled twenty miles today. First we hiked 12 into Dalton and got lunch at Jacobs- good pub food. Then walked the wettest 9 miles of my life into Cheshire. When I say we walked the whole way in ankle deep water and forded several “streams” …. I literally mean we walked in it the whole way. 20+ miles without seeing my feet. I didn’t really understand the whole trench foot thing, but now I understand. You aren’t just getting rained on. You are walking in a river bed. Glad to be in a church hostel for the night. Everything is wet but I’m at least on the floor in a warm building. There is a big group of teenagers here from a school in Rhode island that are actually really cool. Witch doctor, bright side, Larry boy, and myself (yay we caught friends!!!) all lined up together for a Q&A. It lasted about an hour but they were fun kids and had intelligent, interesting, and entertaining questions. I liked them a lot. A couple girls were in the bathroom with me too, and they quizzed me about the trail. They were really sweet and it was fun to kind of chill with them for a while. Also, the four of us went to a little pub and got some grub and beers. It was a long day, but there were a lot of highlights and fun.
Awesome to be back with those boys. We are having a little slumber party in the church.
Big day tomorrow, but then looking forward to taking a day with Mary in VT, Lori’s friend.
Greylock here we come!

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2 Responses to 6/11

  1. EJ! I’m blogging now, too. Nothing near as exciting as yours, but now I can comment! 🙂 Love you, miss you, and I hope tomorrow is drier! ❤

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