Hiking today in honor of Milo, my friend Lori’s sweet kitty.
Love to Milo who will be missed dearly.

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2 Responses to Milo

  1. Barbara Lewis says:

    You are awesome..can’t believe how fast you’re moving!
    Glad you took a day off…to pull weeds, no less.
    I’m rooting for you. Your blog is awesome…how do you hike and do this, too?!!

    • ejhorrocks says:

      Hi!! Sorry it has been so difficult to connect. Everything with Julia has been so last minute because planning is nearly impossible on trail. I can barely predict tomorrow’s miles! Everything is via smartphone. It is my camera, phone, and blog device. I just have to keep it on airplane mode and watch my battery! WordPress has an easy app. I just learned how to reply to comments!

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