Feelin good




Hard to say goodbye to Maria McCabe. She rode a motorcycle last week in the rain. I had to show you just so you understand how awesome this woman is.
Hiked 14 out of town after resupply. Beautiful beautiful day. Words can’t explain. Climbed bear, race, and everet mtns. Crossed 1500 miles. And crossed CT off the list. Welcome to MA!









I lost my spoon. But don’t worry. I packed out chips.


Walked in a river all day. Embrace the on trail aqua blazing!

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8 Responses to Feelin good

  1. Stephen and Dianne Reed says:

    Glad you had a nice day and thanks for the awesome pictures.

  2. mariah says:

    I’ve been keeping up with your journey. I am glad you and WD are well and back to loving your hike.
    Maybe you know this — but Skylar, Ember, and Long Spoon left NYC yesterday and are back on the trail.
    I’ll keep following along here — I love knowin some bt about your experience and what’s coming up for Skylar.
    Best to you

    • ejhorrocks says:

      I was so excited recently to see a photo of tail lights pop up online because I had no idea where he was! Thanks for the update. Patiently awaiting them to suddenly appear out of nowhere and catch us. If not, I’ll hunt them down after katahdin to deliver some trail magic, but I hope we all just get to finish together. Thanks for following! I’ll give him a hug for you when I see him next!

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    You look rested and ready to go. It’s amazing how giving some people are. It’s true that giving feels better than receiving.

    • ejhorrocks says:

      I am constantly amazed by the generosity on trail! Hey, it is hard to stay is touch with Alex. Could you give him an over the phone hug for me? I miss ember! Hope your summer on NC is treating you well!

  4. Chris Stratton "Driver 8 says:

    Was fun to meet and hike with y’all as you crossed from CT into MA yesterday in Sages Ravine – glad I got to document it for you, and enjoyed chatting with you as the slogged through the beautiful sogginess. Happy Trails to you both, and safe travels. I look forward to following your journal as you wend through the rest of New England.

    • ejhorrocks says:

      That was such a wonderful soggy hike! I just got a chance to watch driver 8 and you got me on an hour long REM kick. Thanks for all the trail words of wisdom and good company. It’s the people that make the trail! Happy trails to you too! Inspired by your enthusiasm for adventure. Cheers to a summer of happy hiking.

  5. Wow – your legs are looking strong! Thank you for the Milo tribute. I wanted you to know that’s why I didn’t call back…while he had been ill for almost a year…taking him to the vet for the last time, was painful. I am working my way back. And will work on his garden (where he is buried) next week.

    You are in my home turf. I am walking with you now – just not quite visible.

    Glad you got your stride back. Hugs to you & Witch Doctor.

    (I was telling a volunteer today – reading about your adventures has gotten to be like reading an autobiography – except it is in real time – I keep wanting to know what’s going to happen next – what’s in the pages I missed).

    Love to you,

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