I’m wearing cotton sweatpants playing in a garden. Homeostasis.

But, a lot has happened to get to this point. Would have kept the blog updated but a)I’ve felt awful and immediately crashed every night and b)no service at shelters.

I wrote a long blog a couple days ago that I never got service to send out. I’ll spare you the details and give you a few bullets on that stuff instead. I guess I’ll give you the bad news first, then end on a good note.

-pulling off lots and lots of tics
-witch doctor starts having fevers in the evening and nights
-food poisoning hits us both, last two days (waves of diarrhea and nausea)
-witch doctor has headaches off and on
-looks like Lyme disease, we get to a hospital and he now has medication
Looks so less traumatic when I list it like that..

We hiked through all of this and I think we are both just feeling beat up. The food poisoning also makes it very difficult to keep food and water down, and stay hydrated, which doesn’t help anything.

The good:
CT is beautiful, relatively easy hiking, and I don’t think the weather could be more perfect. Ember was the ridge runner in CT last year, so he told me about all the really nice spots and what waterfalls to see, etc. Got to walk up the retaining wall he built, too. It looked really good! He was worried it wouldn’t survive sandy, but it looks like his handy work held up perfectly. It’s a bummer we weren’t feeling better, but I think the amazing terrain and nice days are what motivated us to keep up the hiking.
But, we finally gave in last night. W.d. was a mess.. decided that we would hike 5 miles out to Salisbury CT and find a hospital. We are staying with a well known trail angel, Maria. I think she really is an angel. We are going to stay here for a couple of nights, and we couldn’t be in better hands. She’s a care giver by nature and takes hikers in as her own. When she says make yourself at home she means it. She drove us to the hospital, the pharmacy, and to food. She will take us to laundry tomorrow. She has a bin of thrift store clothes of all sizes so we can be clean and comfy. She has breakfast in the fridge for us to cook our selves when we wake up in the morning. We helped he with taking the recycling, and I’m going to do anything I can while I’m here to help her out. I figured she wouldn’t mind if I pulled weeds in her garden. I’m in my element here. I hope I get more time to play in the garden tomorrow, but that will depend on the rain. My parents are buying her dinner out with us at a restaurant of her choice. She’s really excited about it! Thanks ma and pa!

I have not taken a whole zero day since Waynesboro. A week before Harper’s ferry, which is a few days short of the 1/2 mile mark. It’s time. Probably will only post photos tomorrow so I can focus on the day, and not the phone.

Did I mention that the tropical storm hits tonight? So nice to sit on her porch and watch from the inside. We will be rained on all week, but I’m appreciating the indoors for now. I’ll be itching to get back in the woods soon enough. I always do.


Alex’s retaining wall!


Guy on a motorcycle passed by, turned around and came back to give us a couple Caronas. Can’t say no to that on a hot day!


Watch me. White blaze bridge far left. I don’t blue blaze!


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