Knocking out 26+ miles today. Camped only a mile from Connecticut. Almost another state down! Meant to mention that yesterday was my three month anniversary with the trail. Can’t believe it’s June already. Holy smokes. Been trying to escape the mid day heat, so I took a long siesta at lunch. 1% lunch. 99% napping.
We crossed a train stop that takes you back and forth from the AT to NYC on the weekends. Was slightly tempted, knowing that for 14 dollars it wouldn’t bring me back to trail until Friday, but I resisted. Onward we go. I heard it’s all down hill to katahdin once you hit Connecticut.


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2 Responses to Siesta

  1. John H says:

    You sure the people who said it’s all downhill from there weren’t southbound?

  2. Julia Horrocks says:

    Love the mountain laurel pic. First apartment I had in the northeast had a beautiful bush in front of my porch, and surprised me with those perfect little flowers my first spring.

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