Gandalf the generous

Had a wonderful surprise at the end of the day yesterday. About .5 miles from camp was a NY deli where I picked up a soda and mango Italian ice. Witch doctor and I were hanging outside snacking when gandalf pulled in and asked if we were thru hikers. Turns out he hiked it in 2010 and has since bought a house within a mile of the trail and does trail maintenance on his time off. After asking the family he offered to take us in. We showered and joined them for a lovely campfire and music session. Stayed up way past hiker midnight. Good time, great company, clean, and relaxed. Slept on a temperpedic mattress and didn’t get up until 7:30. It was perfect. I was then cooked breakfast by gandalf’s father. I was soaking in the good life. Am I a little spoiled the past couple days? Maybe. But I loved every second of it. Thank you guys. I really needed a boost, and we appreciate the hospitality more than we can tell you!



It’s a cicada year by the way. Pretty gross crunching of the nymph skin shells that are littering the trail. They are neat creatures, but I do find them repulsive. Their chorus has been echoing in the forest for a few days now.


Hit another lake “beach” today. It’s always a hectic scene but it was nice to take a dip in the lake and proceed to siesta until the bad heat of the day was past us. 90 + degrees several days this week. Glad the worst is past us.


Friendly table neighbor took a photo for us. Her daughter melts asking why we were on the table. Obviously she has better manners than us. It was precious.

Check it out! Aurora studio and gallery publication in Rapid River Magazine, June issue. Lori wrote a wonderful article that’s worth taking some time to click on and read.

Thanks to all who have supported our cause! Every penny counts, and I’m continuously blown away by the donations, support, and love that has been put into this project. Lori has a lot to give Asheville and I can’t wait to see her in action! Glad I get to be a part of making this happen.

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