A little homesick

16.4 into fort Montgomery (where west point is) for a cheap hotel night with nomad and witch Doctor. We passed 1400 miles, climbed bear mountain, and walked through a zoo. The AT takes you straight through the “trailside zoo” and even though I’m not a fan of zoos, that’s still pretty cool. The bear den at the zoo is also the lowest elevation point on the whole AT. I find this amusing after the difficult days I’ve just had. AYCE is a slave to the miles. He left town and went another ten miles. The three of us, however, ate burritos, got a six pack to go, and watched Bourne identity. It was the perfect hotel evening. Dried the tent, showered, did laundry. Done and done. Resupply in the A.M.
I never did get the Virginia blues that everyone warned us about, but I think I’m getting a healthy dose of it now. I’m glad I have witch doctor nearby on a regular basis, but the group is split up over a pretty big area, and I really miss people. It’s nice to know that people are nearby behind me for when I need to take some time off, but right now the trail feels a little empty. Feeling a bit homesick this week too. Doing OK, but every time I talk to folks at home I miss them a little more. Walking through the woods all day sure does make you think a lot. Love to everyone

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6 Responses to A little homesick

  1. You are certainly entitled to some homesickness, EJ. In fact, if you didn’t get that way now and again, I’d be worried about you. Be it ever so humble….
    Tom and I love you and are enjoying sharing your journey vicariously. You are one amazing young woman! And I can’t believe it…you’ve been hiking for 3 months! Wow!
    Hang in there and keep moving. One foot in front of the other.

  2. Ann says:

    Hang in there EJ! I’m missin you all the time!!

  3. John H says:

    Getting all sentimental on us, eh? Well, there you go acting like your father again…when will you learn? There’s a lot left to experience on this journey, no doubt some surprises yet. Perhaps falling back to the rest of the group would help…from here, it sounds like that may be what your instincts are telling you.

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    Sweet EJ. Sorry you’re feeling homesick. Your Dad might be right. I think the group is just about 3 days behind you. You might need someone to read to you before bed again! Does the Princess Bride have a sequel?

  5. Nancy Ackermann Cole says:

    Keep walking; you are an inspiration. Don and I are 350 miles along on the Camino; 120 to go!

  6. jim says:

    1400 miles. wow, by jimmy, that’s a lot. you r taking great pictures. really proud of u. 3 children, 2 of which will have done the trail. ironic that u do all the hard work, and I get to do all the boasting. I guess John talked 2 u about maybe doing Christmas together. would b great timing 4 talk with Arwen about the trail. thinking about u and love u, jim

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