Climb on

It took everything in me today to keep hiking. Elevation looked somewhat easy.. it wasn’t. Turned out to be one of the most difficult days yet. Up and down And up and down and all of it super steep rocks. Let me explain with a photo


They installed a ladder in one spot. Enough said.
It was a very beautiful day, however, and lots of stuff to stare in awe at. Maybe that’s why it took so long.
26.4 miles into fingerboard shelter. Mile 1384. Fitzgerald waterfall and Harriman state park were the highlights of the way. Wish I had more photos but my phone is dying. Also went through lemon squeeze – tiny crack of rock that you have to throw your pack over and out to fit through.
Today we really saw the effects of sandy. A ridiculous number of trees were blown over, it obstructed the path more than I was expecting.




Larry boy

Oh yea! We can see lights from the city at our shelter. We will have a great skyline view early tomorrow. Cool to be that close.

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3 Responses to Climb on

  1. John H says:

    Only 800 to go, but more up than down. I’ll bet those legs could out kick a mule by now!

  2. Hello – since you are now officially in NY, I will contact my friend and see ask to give you her number for a night of food and fun in Vermont!

  3. Julia Horrocks says:

    White mountains, here she comes.

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