Rainy day

Slept really well last night. One of the deepest sleeps on trail. Only woke up once in the night. Still up by 5 but i actually felt very rested. Probably because I got to camp only a little before the hiker midnight of 9 pm. Resupplied about a mile from the secret shelter this morning at a local general store. It was pricy but they had all the essentials and a deli in the back. They also had VANILLA coke!!! One of my favorite middle school treats. I bought two. Short 18 mile day. Some fun stuff despite being wet and a little chilly. Board walks over swampy land was very pretty, crossed a cool suspension bridge, and we found trail magic of coke donuts and oreos. I was in good spirits even with the rain and really enjoyed the steep rocky climbs. I was groovin along today. Mentally I don’t like climbs, but my body really does. Thank goodness.


Trail magic!



Planking a plank. Highlight of my day.

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