Happy memorial day weekend

Currently in NJ at mile1339.1 at the “secret shelter.” Not that secret since it is in the guide book, but it is private property and for thru hikers only. This is heavenly after the crowds we’ve been experiencing with memorial day weekend. Got lucky at Delaware gap to have the church hostel, but it was made up for last night at the shelter we shared with 26 boy scouts and at least 6 other weekend hikers. Got up at 5:30 to beat the crowd out and headed 4 miles to a food joint on trail to get coffee. Carried out a coke too for lunch. It’s a holiday!
It gets better.
Hiked all morning with Larry boy and witch doctor- then at lunch Ayce popped out of the woods and had finally caught up! So, three of the bubble are back together. Cassandra and moose stopped to hang with friends and went into the big city. The others are still back a while. Not sure who we will see again. Sad to think about so I won’t go there.
Theeeen we got silly spoiled. From the trail we could smell food, and there was a trail down to a “beach” (sand on a lake). This was about .3 miles before high point NJ. Ayce and Larry boy wanted to get into the shelter, but with plenty of day light witch doc and I hauled it to the memorial day festivities. There was food, a big lawn, sandy beach, and a view of the highest point tower. I ate funnel cake and a coke, he got a burger. We got in the water for a minute but mostly lounged around in the crowd of people. Strange going into crowded public places like that from the trail. But we got out holiday fix and hiked weird side trails back to the tower and then back on trail. Made it to the shelter a little after 8.
It may seem at times like the AT is less wilderness than expected, but I’m learning to love that. I get lots and lot, and lots of time outdoors and in the woods, but I love town/local people time too. I can hike through entire states, but it wouldn’t feel complete without spending some time with the people. Life is good.









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2 Responses to Happy memorial day weekend

  1. Aw…happy tears of joy! What a memorable Memorial Day!

  2. John says:

    Last photo: the Hiker’s Blessing of the Holy Ice Cream?

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