This morning was magical. Packed up and headed to Bert’s for breakfast around 7:30. Ended up meeting a bunch of locals that took really good care of us. Nick, pictured on far left picked up our tab after eating breakfast nearby. He sat with us and chatted for a while about trail stuff and life stuff. Great company. It’s amazing how the most random encounters can lead to such great conversation and getting to know people along this journey. That’s why local diners are so great – meeting people in town is half the fun of traveling the east coast. Then a friendly couple at the table behind us told us to hop in their truck to take us back to the trail. Didn’t have to hitch! So much trail magic in one day 🙂


Tomorrow is the last day I have to hike in PA. Good riddance. We climbed a thousand feet up a boulder field to get out of town in strong wind and rain with the threat of lightning. Wet all day, but it was better in the group. We got our chat on to distract from the last bit. Only 16 miles, but it took a good hour just for the mile out, and the rocks were wet. Not trying to get injured. We all took our time and made it in safe and sound. Bright side is a new addition to the group. He’s been ahead by a day or two for.. months? Glad I finally met him. Into Delaware gap tomorrow. Maybe something will work out to see Julia again.
Please. No more rocks. No more rain.


This is from a few days ago. Lady slippers!

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3 Responses to Palmerton

  1. John H says:

    Trail magic? Yes, but you make your own magic, EJ. Those good people know you and your companions are worthy by your acts.

  2. patmom1 says:

    Delighted to know you conquered the rocks, instead of the other way around. All will miss you at Maranda’s Memorial Day bbq. Hope you can find a veggie dog so can join the picnic-ing masses!
    Also hope to hear that Julie has found a way to get with you again. Smile. Love you.

  3. Barbara Lewis says:

    Don’t blame you for being glad to get past PA…I’ve heard it’s the rockiest and one of the toughest parts of the trail. Had hoped to see you when you passed through the Del Water Gap…maybe at the Deerhead Inn…but that was probably yesterday. Maybe we can see you somewhere in NJ instead. Hope you’ve made it there by now. Weather was AWFUL yesterday…we were trying to have a yard sale and almost froze and BLEW AWAY! Can;t imagine what it must have been like on the trail.
    Today is sunny and dry…Hallelujah!! Hope you have a great day of hiking, now that the rain is gone!!

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