I’m in jail

Actually it’s just the basement of an old cop station, but by the description in our guide book it sounded like we would be staying in old jail cells. It is a really awesome spot though. Palmerton PA- happening little town. Kids everywhere, bikes, young people, bar, ice cream, pizzerias, etc… but still with old time slightly run down feel. Seems like a town that is recently pulling itself out of a rut. I like it a lot. Hostel has a gym locker room shower for our use, the laundry was cheap, and the grocery gives a free piece of fruit to thru hikers. Yay!
Hiked 18 with witch doctor to town. Cassandra and Chris were right ahead. Nice day. Lots and lots of rocks. I didn’t believe it was possible but the rocks got worse. Then it thundered (which I love) and poured (which I don’t love so much). Knowing we were going to town we didn’t bother with rain gear. We just accepted being wet and decided splashing in puddles was better than avoiding them on this particular afternoon. My shoes are currently drying in the boiler room. Another reason I love this hostel.




Old gym above the hostel. Cops still come in and use it.. and the shower is to the right. Cool spot.


I paid only 2.70$ for this ice cream!

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2 Responses to I’m in jail

  1. John H says:

    That’s not a trail…just a rock pile. You sure you’re not lost?

  2. Nick says:

    Hey Passover! So great meeting you all at breakfast today in Palmerton. Be safe out there and good luck! Hopefully we can all keep in touch :). God Bless and continue to pray every night. Have a fantastic and blessed hike!

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