Allentown shelter

Great day. Julia and I got our sweat on in the 80+ degree weather, and now I have someone outside of the thru hiker community to understand the pain on the PA rocks. I feel validated. She would say “really!??!” When we would get to another bolder field. Made me feel better about hating her state. I left my stuff at the shelter and walked the two miles to where Doug was picking her up, and the three of us went out for dinner. Pizza subs and beer. Hiker heaven. Thanks Doug for making the trip with Julia possible! (He drove from Scranton to take Julia back to her car. Lots of driving on his part.)
Without a pack it was a quick walk back to the shelter where I got to surprise Cassandra Chris and witch doctor with leftover food and chocolate milk. It was nice to provide some trail magic!
Miss Julia already. Always do.







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3 Responses to Allentown shelter

  1. John says:

    Aw, Julie! Even standing on a platform, you still can’t get all the way up there. But you both have enough love for each other to make the world go ’round…thanks for the pictures.

  2. patmom1 says:

    Two Horrocks women? The trail will never be the same…
    Glad Julie appreciates you now!

  3. Julia Horrocks says:

    Your legs match my socks and my legs match your socks. Awesome. Had the best time ever with you, despite multiple near-deaths and the Pennsylvania rocks from hell. Seriously – what were the trail blazers thinking? Are they trying to kill you guys? ‘…Let’s destroy their shoes with these sharp rocks even though there are perfectly good dirt paths nearby, and simultaneously create an environment on the trail that attracts the most lethal native snakes in the area, which happen to look exactly like the sharp rocks that they have to step on…’ not impressed, PA!

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