My big sister came to hike with me, obviously best day ever!


Saw a timber rattler pretending to be a rock!!! .. I wish I had a picture for you, but Julia wouldn’t let me get close enough. Fair enough, it did warn us with its rattle. We took the path less traveled through the woods. And now we have another healthy dose of poison ivy.
I still love Julia anyway.
Also, I had another avocado incident. We fought, and the avocado won. I now have a severe puncture knife wound to the palm. After bandaging my hand, Julia made me promise to not use my pocket knife to remove avocado seeds again. Actually. She banned me from avocados altogether.
Thankfully there were two section hiker lawyers at the eckville shelter with whom she engaged in legal debate with and forgot about my avocado promise.
Amoung the items I listed for Julia to bring me, was cloth tape for blisters…. and hand wounds!
That came in HAND-y! She also brought snickers, cheese, cold water, pineapple, and yogurt. Mmmmm.
Best sister in the whole wide world.
We are cuddling in my one-woman tent tonight. Keep your toes crossed for no rain. We can’t cross ours due to swelling from the infamous grueling PA rocks.
Over and out.

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2 Responses to Julia

  1. John H says:

    Dad checking…tetanus shot up to date?

  2. Barbara Lewis says:

    How great Julia came to hike with you! Love the photo of you two!

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