Staying at the famous 501 shelter tonight. Hiked 18. Hitched to town with Giuseppe to buy toilet paper. Our rides into and out of town were interesting to say the least. Mennonites took us, and an ex drug dealer turned dirty biker took us back. Glad I had Giuseppe with me and glad to be back safe! Pizza delivered to the shelter, dry, warm, chill afternoon. I got in around 1:30 so it was a nice half day.
The book said there was a shower at this shelter.. and I’m going on nine days without. The book was wrong. You can’t call a hose a shower. It was not heated. Just a hose.. cold.. hanging in a wood stall. I rinsed quickly, while it was also raining on me, and ran back as fast as I could. A hose is not a shower.
Everything else about this giant shelter is nice though. Sun roof!



The good: hiked through honeysuckle tunnels, saw six salamanders, and ate pizza.
The bad: miles upon miles upon miles of hiking through poison ivy. If I didn’t have it yesterday, I have it now. There were miles that I couldn’t stand anywhere without being inches from the ivy. Also, the PA rocks are very dangerous when wet. If I didn’t have my poles I would break my ankle multiple times a day.

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3 Responses to 501

  1. John H says:

    Maybe the layers of grime will protect you from the poison ivy.

  2. Julia Horrocks says:

    Nice moth picture!!! Took me a minute.

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