Just me

Hiked solo all day today, and while I love my friends, I do love my alone time. Rocked out 23 miles into Rauch shelter. Ayce went on (I think) and the others rolled in one at a time. Interesting night. Boy scout group. Adult outdoor club. Friends out backpacking for the weekend. I have never seen so many people at a shelter. I was in the shelter, but it filled up quick, and when Giuseppe (who doesn’t have a tent right now) showed up, I seized the moment to set up my tent and give him my spot. Now I’m down the hill in peace and quiet. Company can be nice, but after spending all day alone it was very overwhelming. I also knew that weekenders would stay up late chatty around a campfire. It is 7 now and I plan on being asleep by 7:30.
Nice people though- they gave me snickers and cookies, had lots of questions, and one guy is hiking out fuel canisters that thru hikers left behind. Awesome!

Did I mention yesterday that a protective falcon mama tried to kill me? Found all the warnings on the other side of the bridge. I hope her babies make it cause hikers might have to sacrifice their lives for them.

I hear all the cool kids wear knee braces.

Oh.. and my legs are covered in a rash. I had poison ivy during the aqua blaze and I thought it healed. I’m not sure if this is a continuance or a new batch or something else. Might be the latex/elastic in the braces.. doesn’t feel good.

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One Response to Just me

  1. Barbara Lewis says:

    Julia showed me how to keep track of your progress. You’re AWESOME!
    Keep up the good work. Would love to come with Julia to meet you when you get to the Delaware Water Gap or around Sunrise Mtn., Stokes State Forest of Wawayanda State Park in NJ. I’ll keep watching your progress with interest and stay in touch with Julia.
    Barbara Lewis, Honesdale, PA

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