Boiling springs

Woke up this morning to the beginning of a rain storm. Bummer. So I packed up best I could and waited for a light rain break to hop out and take down the tent. It rained a good while, but Cassandra and I were able to loose the rain gear within an hour and a half. 8 miles into town consisted of 5 little ups and down, and two “rock mazes” on top of mountains. We found this entertaining and followed the arrows despite the obvious easy path through. Boiling springs ATC chapter was really nice. Found a pair of darn tough socks there which I’ve been searching for since Lexington. we resupplied at a gas station for one day then ate lunch at a pizzeria. The food was great.. Stromboli for me. But the staff were less than excited to see us. They refused to refill our sodas after three drinks. Its a soda! That’s just part of the deal and half the reason we go out to eat. That’s not how to make friends with hikers. Sucks for them, because word will get around.
Lazy three hours in town though. Met three lady section and past thru hikers that were excited to see two other female hikers. We took photos and I’m going to have to search for blueberry’s newly published book: letters from the trail. Afterward we got organized and laid in the sun and on the porch near a little creek with ducks and ducklings.
But then we pushed on another 14 to Darlington shelter. Today was flat and full of beautiful farms and fields. Had to wade through tall grasses (tic check!) But the scenery was a refreshing change. Big climb at the end into a nice shelter with excellent camp sites. I can hear all sorts of critters running around which have been identified so far as frogs, big roaches, and bunnies. I hear we are in porcupine territory now, so I’m on the look out. After the AM storm today was bright, sun, and beautiful.
As tom stated once, happiness is solar powered.




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5 Responses to Boiling springs

  1. Porcupine don’t bother folk. Dogs bother porcupines, then there is trouble…Almost every dog I have known has had a nose full of quills. Glad you are getting a chance to hang with the women. Too bad about the unfriendly restaurant folks.

  2. John says:

    Thank goodness they put up those signs, huh? Just imagine how awful Pennsylvania would look with out them. Stay dry!

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    My parents lived in Boiling Springs for a few years. Dad used to hike a section of the AT there. Alex stayed there when he was 6.

  4. Julia Horrocks says:

    I resent that comment about the Pennsylvania sign. Regardless of how true it is.

  5. Julia Horrocks says:

    Oh and I love the top pic. Pennsylvania has it pretty moments.

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