30.2 miles today. Broke 30 !!!. Hiked almost all day with Cassandra. I could hike from here to Maine with just Cassandra and be happy as can be. She’s fantastic. I did take an hour break for the new radiolab podcast – and I cried several times. It was a very emotional episode. Holy crap. Worth listening to if you’re a radiolab fan.

Georgia North Carolina Tennessee Virginia West Virginia Maryland. Done and done.
Hello Pennsylvania!

Called the cops on some kids, and by kids I mean 20 year olds acting like kids, that were tagging trees with red spray paint. There was a section of rocks that were graffiti heaven. But these guys were just doing trees right on the trail. They saw us, quickly wrapped up and hiked fast. I called and reported it after walking into a cloud of paint smell. They had written “EO” and it was nothing artistic or interesting.

Otherwise today was just full of hiking. Hit a vending machine up. Pepsi!



Officially in the north. Oh boy.
Last night was the first time I was asked where I was from. The guy put on his best southern draw and asked if I was from GA. I better get used to that.

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  1. I can’t believe you are already in PA!! OMG!!! I was so touched by your call yesterday. Gosh – at the rate you are going you will be in VT in a couple of weeks – I will let my friends know that you are moving fast now!!!! Hugs ~Lori

  2. patmom1 says:

    You are going to be out of PA into NJ before Julie catches you!!

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