Harpers ferry

Hi folks! I’ve become blog lazy on this trip into town. Happy to be on land.
My pack zipper broke right before Waynesboro so my new pack (thank you osprey warranty!) was awaiting me at The Outfitter. I feel so fresh and clean. Figured out a way to fit my zrest into my pack so my rain cover fits over my pack better. I’m hoping to be less wet for the remainder of my hike.
Harpers ferry was a magical reunion. Waiting for us at the ATC was nomad,  Cassandra, Chris, man child, ayce, and blue moon. I’ve never been so excited! The gang was back together for a day.
Now we are all splitting up again. I was planning on DC but I’ve decided to skip it. Too much too soon. I’m going to build up for a trip into NYC. I’m ready to get my hike on. Some of the group is going to DC for a day. Some are staying for a few days. Some are hiking today. I think its just ayce Chris Cassandra and I starting today. And I’ve been missing them on aquablaze , so that’s pretty awesome. Alex will be 3 or 4 days behind me because he’s staying with Shannon in DC for a bit.
Next thing to look forward to: Julia and Jackie coming to hike with me! I’m so stoked.


Last night camped next to the river.
Almost flooded.



At the ATC checking out who has already hiked through.


Ember: hiker #69. Looking good ember!


Passover: hiker #67. Feels good.

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3 Responses to Harpers ferry

  1. John H says:

    Good going #67! Looks like Cassandra and Chris are always there just when you need them the most. Glad you’ve got your feet back on the ground.

  2. For some reason this morning your photos brought tears to my eyes. Keep it growing!


  3. Julia Horrocks says:

    You’re amazing! And I’m so excited to see you again soon. That top picture is incredible.

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