5/6 Appalachian Jewel adventures

23 river miles completed today. Currently stealth camping between the river and a road. There was camping a little down the river but it was a good spot, and I refused to go any further, which I’ll explain momentarily. It was a pretty day. I thought the rain would be a nuisance but it made for a scenic rainy foggy day, which was enjoyable for several reasons. The birds sang more. The water was higher. The water felt warmer. Everything is in dry bags anyway, or just wet. And we had the river to ourselves all day.
I saw three bald eagles today, putting me at 4 total for the AT so far.

Part one of the excitement for the day. Lost my bag with my cash, license, and debit card. I’ll spare the suspense.. I found it. I actually found it really quickly, which surprised myself. Last night I ate at a picnic table a little walk from the camp. I woke up this morning, remembered that was where I had last seen it, walked to the trash can near the table, and sure enough found it right on top. Lucky.

Part two. Long spoon let me be captain for a bit, which was scary but a good learning experience. He had me call commands and decide routes, which he would then yay or nay.. and explain why or why not. Towards the end of the day I was exhausted and need to switch back to bow princess. To sum things up, I am in general an unbalanced person and almost tipped the boat and had to jump overboard in order to save from flipping. It sucked. And it was cold. And I was wearing many items of dry clothing which proceeded to be soaking wet. I had planned on not getting back in the water after this cold dip.

Part three. The mini stout. Almost done for the day… jack and tom see a little run on the left of the river that looked fun. They wanted to get rad… and boy did we get rad. Looked great from far away.. quickly (let me emphasize quickly) realized there was a giant tree down. Basically, long spoon and I went first, and the current pushed us down this narrow path to the far left directly into the tree. I pushed as hard as I could after hitting hard bow first, but there was no going back to the path. Boat turned sideways so now tom and I are both against the tree pushing. He climbs up (save yourself and worry about gear second) which was easy enough but the boat filled really fast and went under the tree sucking my feet down with it (thank you crocs). So I went under the tree thankful that it was a clear path. This all sounds scary, and it was, but I will let you know we were not in super dangerous water, its not super fast, and there were a lot of people around who could have jumped in after me. Either way, it turned out well because I was able to catch the boat once it was free and flip it and all of our stuff back over. I also found a paddle in branches nearby. The only moment of panic and fear was when I came up and couldn’t see or hear tom. I started to scream his name, but he was literally on the other side of the tree and popped his head over laughing at my panic. But the water was rushing and it was loud and was picturing him pinned under the boat. Justified panic. Anyway… he hopped over and helped me drag the boat aside then set off after our lost gear. the cooler came out and opened up, my camelbak of water, my crocs, a paddle, etc. Witch doctor was also sent on gear fetch in his canoe. On shore tail lights gave me his shirt and rain jacket and I put on my puff. Within 5 minutes I was back to a safe temperature. All gear was returned but one item. This is probably the most upsetting part of the whole endeavor… the wind chime is gone. But, it will never be forgotten.
FYI laser death kill and tail lights proceeded to do almost the same thing we did. But they were able to make minor adjustments after watching us, so their boat didn’t flip. They both got up on the tree and were safe and mostly dry.
All in all cuts and bruises are minor. My worst injury of the day was self inflicted while cutting cheese for toms lunch sandwich. So obviously things weren’t too bad.

He will see to it that I get a new wind chime, since he is the commander and responsible for the bad judgment call.

After this event I decided right then and there that I was done with the river for the day and we were camping at the next spot. Everyone was on the same page, so I’m glad that I made this clear. It was a little traumatic for someone who plugs her nose while she swims. Glad to be on dry land, and tomorrow will be a new day.
Yes mama and papa- we were all wearing our life jackets!
Lots of rain up north is causing river to rise 4 feet in the next day or two. Means less rocks and fast pace. Bring it on river!



Found these on a friend’s (AYCE) blog. I like them so I thought I would share. Thanks ayce!

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6 Responses to 5/6 Appalachian Jewel adventures

  1. John H says:

    Just one small favor, please: complete the journey and return in one piece. Other than that, have at it. To that end, however, do not underestimate the river…it is bigger than you. LGNAWD (or maybe I shouldn’t mention gators right now…nah! no gators in VA).

  2. Water is definitely a force to respect – especially in the spring and after rain…Glad the cheese cut was the worst. Sorry about the wind chime…

  3. Ann says:

    I thought of you this morning when I looked at the weather and saw we’re in a flood warning until tonight! I’m glad you’re okay. Maybe that one little kayak lesson we went to with that guy was worth it?? Haha! Anyway, I love you! I’m going to still be so pale when you get back 😦

  4. patmom1 says:

    All this excitement in your life, and you still remembered mother’s day! You know you made me smile. Love and hugs back at ya!

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    So thankful that you are OK. Going under the tree sounds terrifying! It could have been very dangerous.

  6. Julia Horrocks says:

    EJ vs. River – EJ: 1, River: 0

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