Not your typical cinco de mayo


My boat, the Appalachian Jewel, has a wind chime. Its the best boat on this river by far. The love boat (Shannon and Alex), Shiva (laser death kill and tail lights), and the Pink Bandidos (witch doctor and the dude) are just jealous that long spoon and I pinned a rock and filled our boat with water. It was actually the high light of my day, and I quickly conquered my fear of the river. Now I know that I can handle an intense and terrifying situation, and I only have a few cuts and bruises. I have been named the bow princess and I try to embrace that roll as often as possible by laying in the sun and napping whenever I can. We are camped at another canoe company’s land and I can’t wait to cook my veggie dogs with Shannon over an open fire. Saw lots of cows drinking by the river..





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2 Responses to Not your typical cinco de mayo

  1. Ann says:

    I wish I was with you!! Told the whole family about your aqua blazing and they are also jealous!

  2. John says:

    Am I missing something? I thought the aim was to NOT fill your boat with water. I’m sure this is just me being uninformed.

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