Zeros in Waynesboro.

Hanging for the last evening in Waynesboro. These days off have been relaxing and healing.. and we have not even started the canoe trip yet. We set sail tomorrow around one. Let me set the scene.. boat #1 – me and long spoon, boat #2 – ember and Shannon, boat #3 – laser death kill and tail lights, boat #4 witch Doctor and the dude. 160 miles of pure awesome. The boys bought silk fabric to make sarongs, we have musical instruments, coolers well stocked, shades and hats..
I will go back and hike the missed miles but I’m not going to think about that right now.
Ember lost a bet .. he has a different guide book than everyone else.. long story short his was wrong and ours was right about the hours of a business, so he had to burn his book today. I’ll post the photo. (There is a lot of gear / guide book trash talk by the way)



Tail lights on slack line. Yes. Tom is carrying a slack line. I will master it by the end of aqua blaze.


Laundry day.




Embers river outfit.


Nomad took us to Walmart in the vanimal.

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One Response to Zeros in Waynesboro.

  1. John H says:

    Alex looks like he could fly! That would be an aero-blaze?

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