Tired, so I think I’ll bullet point all the amazing ness that has happened in the past two days.
– great stay with the family. They rock and I couldn’t have spent my day off any happier.
– dropped off right when Cassandra and Chris were hiking by. They were doing a 26 mile day so I hiked the 17 remaining miles with them. By them, I mean her. Chris went into podcast land and I chatted the whole way with Cassandra. Really nice hike that ended with fresh ground.
– fresh ground knew I was coming because ember and the boys told him I would be there. He was ready with a plate of pancakes (he now knows I’m vegetarian). Pancakes corn potatoes coffee hot cocoa. You name it. He also gave me his down pants to throw over my sleeping bag for extra warmth with the new summer sleeping bag. Same thing in the morning. Food and support. Fresh ground always sends me on my way with words of wisdom and a full belly.
– longest day yet. I camped at mile 808 and hiked alone alllll day for 29 miles. This took me to a road crossing that lead to a brewery. You see.. I was left with notes from the guys in every shelter telling me to hurry up and get to the brewery that was open until 10. So, 29 miles by 5 pm. Hitch by 5:30 ( by a young lady in a truck) brewery shortly after. They were surprised I made it so early. I was a machine.
– devils backbone brewery. I had been there before and it took me a while to figure it out because it looked different under the circumstances , but it was the land that the Festy music festival was on that I went to last year. Check out the band rubblebucket. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Got to see them again at the orange peel soon after that. So we got to meet the owners of the brewery and land and they are very hiker friendly – told us we could camp out and use bathrooms and water. Also got us fried pickles on the house. Thanks Steve!
– then we met Amy. Amy is a fantastic human being. She saw us and asked if we were AT hikers and said she always wanted to try it. She chatted for a bit then invited us all to crash at her house. She said she would stock the fridge, we could shower, and she picked up a bunch of beer. She is also currently housing a friend of hers from South Africa (she was a dog trainer in the military) so we also stayed up late swapping stories, drinking, and making music. It was a late night after a 29 mile day, but I couldn’t resist the great company. I snagged one of the free beds and woke up to Ayce’s home cooked breakfast and coffee. Ayce wants to open a diner after the trail by the way. So, it was wicked tasty. Amy loaded us back up in her truck and drove us back to trail by 9:30.
-19 miles to Waynesboro! And, Mic from South Africa hiked with us. Long day for a non hiker but he made it! I napped mid day and we made it to town around 6. Mic was exhausted but I think he loved the experience. Its day four in the U.S. and he’s definitely living life.
– called a number left by the road for a ride to town and went straight to ming Chinese buffet all you can eat. Which we take to a whole new level. Amy met us there to pick up Mic and eat. Was an awesome day and I just can’t believe how many nice people we meet on the trail. So unexpected.
– now at a free camp site in town by the river. Smells like rotting fish, not sure why. But its free and I’m happy to be tucked in bed. Two days to hang in town before heading out on canoes – the aqua blaze has arrived!
– tomorrow, searching for a yoga center. Its a big town and I need some stretching in my life!


Baby goats at Amy’s house


Hiking with Mic!


Chinese food round 1. Mmmm

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  1. Julia Horrocks says:

    Love your energy – it’s contagious! Enjoy the yoga and down time.

  2. Julia Horrocks says:

    Nice hat, by the way.

  3. What a great way to welcome someone into this country. Mic is so fortunate to have had the opportunity to hang out with the most amazing group of hikers.

    Hey EJ – a magazine asked me to write a story about you “Hiking for a Cause” – check your email. YOU ROCK!

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