Tom always says “now that spring has sprung, I will leave no spring unswum”
After seeing two water moccasins, I did not swim. Some of the boys did, but I decided I was just as happy sunning in the warm rays on a rock – snake free.
I left camp before the others and did 13 miles by noon, ate lunch, then had another hour to the swimming hole. Then after a long rest there just 4 more miles to the shelter. 20 person shelter already stocked with a roaring fire and a big group of nice, chatty, entertaining, awesome section hikers. They are full of questions and we had a blast hanging out. They are really excited about story time – so tom gets to read to a full house tonight.
Ember is still behind (I’ll get a pick of the fungus soon) but I think I’ll see him tomorrow. Chris and Cassandra’s folks are going to be 13 miles in tomorrow with coolers of soda and food. It will definitely motivate me during the long climb out of camp tomorrow. Beautiful weather today. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Can only get better with the full moon tonight.
Live simply. Simply live.

Favorite kind of peanut butter? I don’t actually do pb. I eat hummus and nutella rather than pb. So I don’t have a good answer for that. But I do like adding peanut butter ( that I borrow ) to Ramon noodles. It’s like a peanut sauce.





Also, we lost a hiker today. Sparks. He was a really great guy. He had eight weeks to hike so today was his last full day. So, shout out to sparks! We’ll be thinking about you!

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2 Responses to

  1. John says:

    Comin to getcha!!

  2. s & n says:

    Hi E.J! Just saw your parents (and Molly) as they leave AVL to go see you. Natalie and I love your updates and have a new appreciation for clean, dry shoes, nutella and ponies.
    Have a wonderful time!!!

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