Wilson creek

At Wilson creek shelter with most of the crew. Ember, lazor death kill (jack) and the dude are zeroing in town for the night due to foot fungus. Glad I showered first. Looks bad and is painful. They will catch back up by the time I zero with the fam. Bought three trail beers for witch docs birthday and a few of us got him little goodies. We had fun playing with a balloon helicopter… Passed around yingling tallboys -It was a nice evening. Full moon tomorrow night, so the almost full moon rise over the mountain tonight is pretty fantastic. I’m in my tent this evening and the temperate is perfect. Slight breeze. Bright moon. Looking forward to a twenty mile day tomorrow. Swimming hole at mile 18! Dinner, night swim, night hike in full moon? Yes!


Walked through a bunch of cows today. I’ll never stop being excited about cows.

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One Response to Wilson creek

  1. Mary Flaherty says:

    Full moon hike and a swim! Sounds awesome. I remember how you feel about cows! I was kind of hoping for a picture of the foot fungus. Ewww!

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