Stopped at daleville for a resupply and nights rest. 1/2 mile up the trail from town we were greeted with cookies from witch doctors parents! At the car they had ice cold drinks and food. I had coke, V8, brownies, snickers, and fig newton bars. They were super nice. We ate at a local BBQ place that gives free banana pudding to through hikers. It was witch docs birthday so we got to do the whole bday song and candle in the banana pudding thing. His folks picked up the whole tab for all 13 of us. Not sure how to show my gratitude. Thank you simply doesn’t feel like enough. I’ll need their address to send a letter or something – they were extremely giving!
Back at the hotel we just sat around watching the television drinking some brews.. I thought it was pretty funny. The boys were all glued to the t.v. watching “chopped”. Food channel was probably the last thing I would have guessed a room full if outdoorsy boys would agree to watch, but, I have been enlightened – “dude, the food channel is like thru hiker porn”


Chopped t.v. time


Pig dice rolling game at BBQ


Tail light, tom, ember


Continental breakfast – priority in hotel choice

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One Response to Daleville

  1. John says:

    I think when we come up this weekend, we’d better bring some fruit & veggies…they seem to be having a problem getting them into Virginia. Beer, brownies, coke, beer, snickers, honey buns, beer, BBQ, Lucky Stars, then pizza for real nutrution. I’m gonna need to see some ID…this doesn’t sound like the EJ I know. Got calories?

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