My random list of things that I thought would be good for blogging is very discombobulated. So I guess I’ll just bullet point a few of them.

•spring- it’s happening. Right now there is green crawling about 2/3s of the way up the mountains. Which means that as we hike in and out of gaps and down to town we hike from full blown spring to winter. But as of yesterday there are tiny buds even up at the top. I get to see spring happen over and over. And we have had a few cold nights again. Low 30s couple nights in a row. Flowers are exciting.. but the bugs are also starting to creep up in numbers. We always have to have something to complain about though : )
One of my favorite things is hearing the wind in the leaves again. You don’t realize it’s gone all winter until you have it back.
•dreams – I’ve been meaning to discuss this for a while. All of my dreams have become adventure dreams. Involving walking. A lot of walking, wondering, exploring. Usually in unknown territory. I love it. Makes total sense. Also, I woke myself up the other night from laughing in my sleep. Life is good when you’re laughing in your sleep.
• spoon – I hate metal spoons. I also hate expensive stuff that is stupid. I bought a metal spoon that sucked and didn’t work well and was 16 dollars. Then, I sent it home in trade for a plastic one for 1$. It was the best purchase I’ve made.
•breakfast smoothie – instant breakfast, cocoa, instant coffee, and protein powder. Premixed in a bag. Mix with water every AM. Makes my morning a million times better.
•other highlights – zip line across river to “captians” hostel, McAfee knob (most photographed place on AT), dragon tooth rock

Ive been hiking alone a lot. Getting a little overwhelmed with big group so I try to take off as much as possible and regroup for meals. Had my first night away from Ember this week which was weird. My body is OK. Achilles tendon felt great for a few days in a row so i stopped taking aleve. Feels good but today I had knee pain in the really steep dragon tooth climb. Hopefully won’t be reoccurring but I’ll take aleve in the morning just in case. Really looking forward to a zero with the family. I need it. A whole day off will do me a world of good. Having lots of fun, But, none the less the hiking is hard, my body is always sore, and long mile days are never easy.


Bench at WW11 memorial


Dragon tooth


700 miles today!


Trail angel gave us rides to town





Dinner at McAfee knob



Yesterday view

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3 Responses to 4/22

  1. lbg1959 says:

    Wow – dragon tooth looks cumbersome. Awesome views. What’s your favorite peanut butter?

  2. John H says:

    It must be breathtaking to experience spring the way you are! Such a marvelous event even where we live, multiplied 10x by living and breathing every minute of the season. Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

  3. Julia Horrocks says:

    Sounds amazing!

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