Hiked 16 today into a little place.. Trent’s… that was a gas station .5 off the road. At the road ember, tom, and myself took a little swim in the river and freshened up with dr.b’s. The store had a little kitchen where I got a grilled cheese, some basic camp stuff where I got more fuel, and regular gas station food where I got chips and an ice cream. While everyone was still eating I napped on the bench outside in the sun. Witch doctor and I hitched a ride back to the trail which was awesome and only two miles down the way was a beautiful waterfall. Everyone caught up right about then and jack and tom’s friend was there to surprise them. We all played in the falls and dried by the fire for a few hours before cooking dinner by the river and heading to bed for princess bride. 18 felt like an easy day due to the flat terrain, and tomorrow is a short day into a hostel. Can’t wait to call my sister and plan out a visit with her. Actually that’s all I can think about right now. Family visits. I’m really looking forward to seeing the fam.

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One Response to Waterfall

  1. Reading your entries each day – I am filled with the sense of love you are taking in through your travels. Sending smiles your way.

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