Left town (pearisburg) around 2 .. super duper difficult climb out. Mostly because we ate all you can eat Chinese buffet right before we left. Worth it? Yes. 7 miles (short day!) to a sweet shelter on a little bald with a full blown view. In town I got a hat at the goodwill – was really nice to have the sun off my face.


New hat.


Margaritas at Mexican restaurant last night. Tom (right) and Jim (friend from home left).





Tail light finally got his favorite hat in the mail.

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4 Responses to 4/18

  1. patmom1 says:

    Loved talking with you! Glad there are some sweet – and tasty – spots along the way.

  2. Julia Horrocks says:

    Cute! My friend wants to know how guys shave when they’re on the trail…not sure that’s the best question for you but I told him I would ask.

  3. ejhorrocks says:

    I don’t know anyone who has yet. But I’m sure as it gets warmer some will. I’ll bet they only shave at hotels on zero days.. I’ve only shaved my legs once but I know a lady who shaves all the time in the river.

  4. Crushing it, dude! Keep it up!

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