Got my cake and ate it too 4/14

Today had almost all of my favorite AT happenings all in one. I left a little before everyone and got to stretch in a sunny spot by myself and do push ups. I ate lunch at a swimming hole. Which was then followed by swimming. Which was followed by siesta time. I got to walk through fields. (I had no idea VA had so many fields to walk through.. they are beautiful) I got to eat burritos with taco bell sauce. I got to take a nap on a bald. I got to go night hiking. I got to set up my tent before it started raining. AND I got to hike a B.A. number of miles. I think we were right around 27 miles. Feels good. All today was missing was story time princess bride. But I’m at my limit and I might try to sleep in a little in the morning. Maybe 7:30 instead of 6:30 ! We are at mile 575.2. It feels like the hundreds are flying by now. Hiking feels normal. I have the routine of not being routine and being ok with what ever the day brings. I like knowing that all I have to do is walk and it doesn’t matter how fast or when or in what fashion. Trying to keep things fun and interesting. Helps having awesome friends. I think I’ll take a photo of everyone in the crew soon so that I can put faces with names.





New tall socks = way better tan line

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One Response to Got my cake and ate it too 4/14

  1. John says:

    And you’ve earned every bit of good you’re feeling! One thing, though…when you walk, whenever and however you wish, please do walk in the right direction. Love ya!

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