Went 14 today and … IT WAS AWESOME. So I woke up in a puddle again. But that’s OK because I knew a shelter was in my future. We were hiking chill because everyone was in recovery from yesterday. Then.. at 11:15 we crossed a river where a guy was waiting with a truck to take us down the road for a home cooked breakfast. !!!! Today was their first breakfast of the season and they do it every Monday from 9 to 12 for 8 weeks. Talk about good timing. They had pancakes, egg casserole (one veggie one meat), biscuits and jam, toast, coffee, milk, oj, cards to send letters home, and goodie bags with cookies and brownies to go. We were not allowed to stand.. rather the church ladies waited on us. It was a miracle to walk out of the rain into that. Instead of lunch we ate cookies. And then got to the shelter by four. Great day.


Cozy in the shelter. 8 of us.





Ann is my twin.. and now I have another!


Blueberry jam from Grayson highlands. Words can’t explain how delicious it was.

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  1. Julia Horrocks says:

    Keep kickin ass, girl. Can’t wait to see you.

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