We are doing a nero here in Damascus. Not doing a full day here, but taking at least 24 hours off our feet. We did the ten into town and got here around 10:15 am so we will leave sometime after 10:15 today and do another 10 to 12 or the wear a bouts. had a really fun night last night. We caught back up with everyone we know and made a lot of new friends. Got to go swimming in the river, play pool at the bar, go on nice walks to the grocery, and hung out at a locals house and grilled out. Nomad (who is now off the trail and following us doing trail magic in Grimm’s van, the guy who ran uncle johnny’s hostel in erwin) is from Texas and met some folks who attempted the AT years ago who are from texas and have a house right on the trail. They told him to cram everyone he could in the van and take over their yard. Really nice folks. Picked up some veggie dogs and burgers and us vegetarians were good to go.
Later nomad bought some ice cream and toppings which we devoured at the hiker inn hostel. And later.. night swimming. So cold I can’t even stand to think about it again.


Alex got up at 6:15 and sunrise hiked! I didn’t think it was in him.


Finished our third state with frost. Hello Virginia for 500+ miles.


The dog is named d.o.g.


Going shopping and climbing trees. Cows were across the river!



Cookout. Chevy was out like a light


But then woke up to give witch doctor a kiss.


Portraits at lunch of ember, rash, and myself. I went to art school.

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2 Responses to Damascus

  1. Julia Horrocks says:

    Drinking a beer in your honor. Cheers!

  2. Haven’t had a chance to check up in a while. Great to see your doing well! Funny thing, I ment and almost did a video with Frost! He was only in town for a few days and feeling rushed I postponed the project to better plan it out. He was very nice tho and VERY talented! Crazy how small Asheville is even when your not in Asheville! I wish you all a wonderful journey. Xoxoxo we all miss ya

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